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Certified Product Destruction for Business, Industry and Government

The Certificate of Destruction exists to safeguard your proprietary information, materials, brand image, and to protect against liability.  We destroy prototypes, molds, custom tooling, marketing materials, and obsolete or excess inventory.  Unfortunately Certified Product Destruction is also required many times in the case of contaminated, faulty, counterfeit, or stolen goods.  If you are a government agency or insurance company needing proof of destruction our mobile crushers, tractor trailers, and 35,000lb loaders are ready to handle your specific needs.  Moving the big and bulky is our specialty. 

Allow our professional staff to quickly and cleanly deal with your liabilities.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your products are gone forever and not at risk of being sold to competitors or the public.

We offer several different levels of service ranging from onsite crushing and removal to witnessed offsite destruction, and pictures.  Nothing is subcontracted or allowed out of our control.  All customers are provided with a certificate stating the material disposed of and manner of destruction.   Call us to find out more about the Certified Destruction program.  We offer service to Dallas and the DFW metroplex.

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