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Dismantle, Remove, Dispose, and Recycle!


We understand that there can be many challenges to removing broken, or out of service equipment.  Champion can handle it.  Whether it's disassembly, cutting, lifting, or hauling we have the equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.

equipment disposal
Salvaged, Wrecked, Burned, Heavy and Bulky

Government, Universities, and Corporations all have different types of large equipment.  It can sometimes be hard to find the right type of removal service for your items.  Champion can safely remove your items and help keep them out of a landfill.  

recycle metal plate
End-of-Life and Out-of-Service

Many times the biggest challenge to equipment and junk removal is dismantling the material so that it can get out the door.  Our team has the experience to make the process easy for you.  Call us to work through the best solution for you.

salvaged trailer
Tankers, Trailers, Industrial, Warehouse, and Commercial

Do not put your employees at risk!  Removing heavy equipment is dangerous work.  Allow our experience to keep your facility safe.


metal disposal
1 Item or Thousands

Whatever state your materials are in, we have a solution for you. We have the equipment to cut, disassemble, lift and haul nearly any load.  We will spend the time to properly asses your specific situation for safety, and cleanliness before taking action.



destroyed product
Certificate of Destruction
for Industry and

The Certificate of Destruction exists to protect your proprietary information and materials, brand image, and to protect against liability.  We destroy molds, custom tooling, marketing materials, and obsolete or excess inventory.  Unfortunately Certified Destruction is also required many times in the case of contaminated, faulty, counterfeit, or stolen products and materials. 

We offer several different levels of service ranging from onsite crushing and removal to witnessed offsite destruction, pictures, and recycling whenever possible.  Call us to find out more about the Certified Destruction program.

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